About Us

Sheeprug has over twenty-five years of experience in the manufacturing of decorative hides. Our wide range of products includes cow, goat, sheep, fallow deer, reindeer and calf hides available, handcrafted by leather artisans, in all natural colours, and exclusive designs.

Our company’s primary aim is to meet our customers’ unique needs by continually adding new hides to our stock, according to the latest market trends. At Sheeprug, our skin experts combine tanning traditions with modern technologies and innovative designs to deliver the highest quality products, guaranteed to last. Sheeprug’s unique products are designed to bring the most out of your property, by adding that extra bit of luxurious charm.

Whether you prefer placing hides on the floor by the fireplace, on the bed in your bedroom, or hanging on the living room’s wall, all our hides are designed to deliver that extra bit of decoration you require. Our wide range of products includes cowhides, reindeer rugs, fallow deer rugs, goat rugs, sheepskins, patchworks and oriental hides, crafted to add beauty and class to interiors.